Sarah has been experimenting with movement art since the time that she was young. Her journey began with competitive gymnastics. She had a blast traveling up and down the west coast competing as a young person in state and regional championships. Her passion for gymnastics transferred into a love for dance and performance in her teenage and young adult years. She attended UCLA for college where she minored in dance. During this time, Sarah performed in shows and taught gymnastics and acro dance classes. While living in Los Angeles, Sarah stumbled upon a Circus school in Hollywood. This is where her love for all things aerial began.

Presently, Sarah is a mother to three wonderful children. It has been a true joy for her to return to her love of movement as her children get older. She recently completed her 200 Hour Yoga certification as well as her Cirqfit Lyra teacher training. She has continued her lifelong training in gymnastics and dance, but she has added a new found passion for Lyra and Pole dancing over the past two years. Her true passion is helping people discover the joy and true serenity that comes from creating art with your body. She is also passionate about helping people work around their injuries and limitations.

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