Angel Marie


Aerial SilksAngel is a big personality from a small town in Pennsylvania and moved to the West Coast in 2003. She has taught Hip Hop, breakdance, and gymnastics throughout the Bay Area for over a decade and began pole in 2014 when a friend was selling her matte black 50mm static pole and asked, “Do you want it? I think you would like it!’ Purchased. Hooked. Done.

Four months later she did her first pole competition and has since competed with PSO and various organizations from Level 1 to Level 5 including Championship, Dramatic, Emtertainment, and Low Flow. Next up, Exotic and Freedance!

Angel loves the variety of styles, interests, body types, and backgrounds that pole supports and helps flourish. There is something for everyone and she can’t wait to help YOU find what you love about pole!

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