What should I know before taking my first class?

Please arrive 5 minutes early. The door is locked for security purposes. Please knock and we will open the door for you. For a pole class, you should not wear any lotion or oils on your hands and legs. Sweating will release the lotion back to the surface of your skin, and you could slide off the pole! You also need to have a lot of skin exposed in order to stick to a pole, so for pole classes, we recommend wearing shorts and a sports bra. It may feel weird to wear so little clothing at first but fabric will slide off the pole and many tricks are much harder and more dangerous when you’re covered up. You can purchase shorts, sports bras, and grip aid in the studio. For aerial and flexibility classes, we recommend leggings and a fitted tank top.

How do I sign up for a class?

Students must sign up online through our Mindbody scheduler before coming to the studio. This is to ensure that you’ve signed the liability waiver and read our Terms & Conditions. Click on the ‘Schedule’ page above or create a Mindbody account to sign up by clicking here.

I’m new/experienced to pole/aerial arts. Which class should I take?
All new pole students should start with Foundation pole classes so that they get the proper foundation and pole technique training. New pole students can also drop into Pole Choreography, Intro to Lyra, Intro to Silks and Flexibility. If you have never taken class at SF Pole & Dance before, note our new student special 3 class pack for $80.
What is your class cancellation policy?

You can easily cancel a class online 24 hours in advance and keep your class credit. For cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, your class will be forfeited. Most of our classes sell out so this policy is to ensure fairness and access to classes. Note that this class cancellation policy is strict. 

How do I get to the studio?
There is quite a bit of street parking on Grand Avenue. These parking spaces tend to fill up fast during the weekends and evenings especially when it is a sunny day outside, as the studio is right next to the beautiful Lake Merritt nature reserve. Please plan extra time to come to the studio if you are going to be driving in. The lowest stress way to guarantee that you will get a parking space is to park in the $7-10 parking lot two blocks from the studio. We also recommend taking Bart, public transportation or ride shares. The closest Bart station is 19th St Bart, a .7 mile walk and the closest bus stop is the 57 bus which stops right outside of the studio. Our address is 366A Grand Avenue, in Oakland, CA 94610.
Do I need a dance background?
No. Some of the best pole dancers today have zero dance background! You will learn everything you need to know in class. Start with Foundations and from there you can work your way up to more advanced classes. You can also take our conditioning classes, flexibility classes, and choreography-dance classes to round out your training.
Do I need to be in shape to pole dance?

Pole dance is for all people of all fitness levels, shapes, sizes and genders. Period. If you are big, mid-sized or little, you can attend class. If you are an athlete or out of shape, you can attend class. All genders are welcome. If you are a human, you can take class. However, if you are under 16 years old you can only take aerial or flexibility classes and if you are under 18 years old you must have a parent come in person to the studio to sign a liability waiver in order for you to take class. 

What should I wear to class? Should I wear heels?

For pole dance classes, you should wear shorts (something like a boy shorts cut), a tank top and a sports bra (if you have boobs). It may feel weird to wear so little clothing at first but you need to have a lot of skin exposed in order to stick to the pole. Fabric will slide off the pole. You can purchase shorts, sports bras, and grip aid in the studio as well.

Heels are not recommended for Foundations level or tricks focused classes. You should bring heels and kneepads for choreography classes only. We do not sell heels in the studio but we do have kneepads to borrow for $5 per pair for rental. If you want to buy heels, we recommend Pleasers Heels or Glitter Heels in a 7-8 inch heel height.

For aerial and flexibility classes, you should wear leggings and a fitted tank top.

How does the waitlist work?

If you are waitlisted for a class, you must pay in advance to be added to the waitlist. If a spot opens up 24 hours or more before class you will receive an email or text to either accept the spot or pass it along to the next person. Please ensure your communication settings in MindBody are set to receive texts and emails from us for class notifications. Our front desk team can help check these settings for you if you’re unsure.

If a spot opens up less than 24 hours before class our front desk team will call you in the afternoon (M-F after 4 pm) to see if you want the spot.

If class fills and you do not get into a class that you have been waitlisted for, you will maintain your class credit for future use on your account.

Is there a changing area? Showers?

We have a private bathroom that you can use to change at the studio. Showers are not available on site.

Is there parking for my car or bike?

There are bike racks just outside of the studio. Students may not bring bikes inside the studio.

There is an abundance of street parking on on Grand Avenue and surrounding streets however it can be very busy during weekends and when the weather is nice. Two blocks from the studio there is a public parking lot located on the corner of Grand Avenue and Euclid Avenue at 500 Grand Avenue with a $10 flat fee parking.

 Please make sure to remove all valuables from your car if you choose to drive to the studio

How do I sign someone else up for a class?

After you click on the ‘Sign Up’ button for the class, you’ll see a screen that defaults to ‘Make Reservation For Myself’. In order to pay for someone else, check the radio button for ‘Make Reservation For Someone Else’. From there, enter the full name of the person you are trying to pay for, and check the box next to ‘Pay for this other client’. After you click ‘Make a single reservation’, you’ll be taken to a payment screen to pay for that person.

Do you limit class sizes?

During COVID-19 and social distancing our class sizes are: for drop-in pole dance classes and series the maximum is 4 students and one person per pole.  Flexibility classes are limited to 4-6 students depending on the class type. Aerial classes are limited to 3 students, one person per apparatus.

I left something at the studio? How can I come get it?

You may come into the studio to look for your lost items at any time during normal scheduled class times. They are kept in a box labelled ‘Lost and Found’ but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What are the different membership options?

We offer one membership – the Studio Access Membership ($200/mo with a 3 month minimum commitment)

The open studio access membership gets you full access to the studio with a key fob, giving you flexibility in your training schedule. Classes, workshops, and events are not included with this membership and must be purchased separately. In order to book the Studio Access Membership, you must complete a 15 minute safety overview. E-mail info@oaklandpoleanddance.com to book your safety overview session.

*You must email us to cancel your membership as they are on an autopay schedule

I'm a visiting instructor interested in the short term residency program. How do I apply?
If you are a traveling pole dance or aerial dance instructor visiting from out of town and are looking for stops through the Bay Area, please note that we offer 1-5 week short term residency stops that allow you to teach regularly scheduled classes at the studio. In exchange, you will be compensated at the normal instructor rate. Read here to apply and learn more about our generous compensation and benefits.
Do you have any new student specials?

Yes! For first time students, we offer a 3 class package at a 25% off for $80. These 3 classes expire after one month from date of purchase. Please click here to set up your Mindbody account and to sign up for your first class: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=759106&stype=-98

How do the 5-week series work?

Our 5-week series are small, performance oriented series where students attend one class per week for 5 weeks. In class, students will develop choreography to music and develop unique and interesting combinations. After 5 weeks, the choreography will be perfected and ready to be performed on the stage. Twice a year, Oakland Pole & Dance hosts a student showcase where series groups show off their perfected and polished routines that they have built. Note that there are no make up sessions for the series but if you do miss a week, you will be given the choreography to practice during in-studio time. All series performers also have the opportunity to attend dress rehearsal for further polishing.

I'm from out of town and I'd like to drop in for open pole time. How does that work?

Email us at info@oaklandpoleanddance.com and we’ll work to get you in for some training time!

Can I use my membership package for someone else?
No. Packages and memberships cannot be shared between multiple people and cannot be used to purchase classes for other students.
Do you have a late policy?

Yes! We enforce a strict 5 minute late policy. This means that any student who arrives more than 5 minutes after class starts will not be allowed to take class. Your class will not be refunded and you will also not be allowed to reuse your class credit. This is to ensure safety and fairness for all students.

Do I have to share a pole/lyra/silk?

During Covid 19, we limit students to one person per pole and one student per apparatus. Flex classes will be limited to 8 per class. 

Can my friend/partner/etc. stay and watch?

We don’t allow observers at the studio to ensure that all of our students feel comfortable while taking class. There are several coffee shops right around the studio that they can go to while you’re in class. We are located right accross from Lake Merritt where there is plenty of space to relax outside near the lake.

Do you allow dogs or children at the studio?
We do not allow dogs or animals in the studio unless they are service animals. Per state law, service animals (but not emotional support animals) are allowed to come into the studio and accompany their owner throughout the space. We allow emotional support animals in the space only if they are kept in a carrier and near the front desk area. Emotional support animals that are too big for a carrier case must be kept outside in the hallway on a leash or left at home.

No children are allowed at the studio.

We allow students 16+ in classes but a parent or legal guardian must physically accompany them to class for their first visit to sign the liability waiver.

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