Active Flexibility 1

Tissue preparation, splits, backbends

Pole & Dance’s Active Flexibility Teacher Training is a two day teacher training.

Day one focuses on Splits, including an Active Flexibility Splits focused Master Class and a breakdown of exercises for strengthening and building flexibility to achieve deeper, safe splits for all levels of students. Day two focuses on back bending, and includes an Active Flexibility Backbending focused Master Class that will build strength and mobility through the hips, lower back, upper back, and shoulders. Both days include a deep dive of interactive exercises and discussion about the body mechanics, common mistakes, adjustments, and modifications for each of the individual exercises in that class.

Included in the training is our 2-day, 14 hour training, a 140-page electronic version of our Curriculum Manual with access to our private Flexibility Instructor Facebook Group.  

This workshop will be led by current Pole & Dance Active Flexibility Instructors Michelle Cooper and Mick Glenn. 

This training costs $600. For a color print out version of the curriculum manual, there is an optional, additional cost of $150. We have payment plans available in 2 payments of $300 or 3 payments of $200. 

For questions, please email

Day 1. Splits Focus

  • 10-10:30: Introductions
  • 10:30-11:45. Active Flexibility Splits Focused Master class
  • 11:45 -1pm. Introductions & Warm Up Breakdown
  • 1pm-1:45pm. Lunch Break
  • 1:45pm-5pm. Splits Curriculum Breakdown: Movements, Cues, Adjustments, Anatomy and Progressions/Regressions 


Day 2. Backbending Focus

  • 10am-10:30am: Review Day 1 content. Check in
  • 10:30am-11:45pm: Student Led Introductions and Warm Ups
  • 11:45am-1pm: Active Flexibility Backbending Focused Master Class
  • 1pm-1:45pm: Lunch Break
  • 1:45pm-4:30pm: Backbending Curriculum Breakdown: Movements, Cues, Adjustments, Anatomy and Progressions/Regressions 
  • 4:30pm-5pm: Certificates, Class Closing, Feedback Forms


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