About Us


Our studio manifesto outlines our mission statement for how and why we operate. We will all teach and work a little bit differently, which is what makes our course selection unique and amazing, but working to promote the same goals will create a consistency across classes and leave our students with the confidence that they are getting the Pole & Dance experience.


By stepping through the doors at a Pole & Dance studio you aren’t just taking a fitness class, you are joining a community. As students, we grow together – uplifting each other with encouragement and unconditional support. We practice our art according to five essential values.


We learn from one another, sharing abundantly with the knowledge that we grow with each other.


We observe and learn from one another, trusting that our differences and diversity create strength and beauty.


We speak of ourselves with respect, celebrating the grace and power that our bodies and minds give us.


We delight in a curious exploration of movement, embracing the pure enjoyment of dance. 


By working with where our bodies are at right now, we build the foundations that will allow us to perform even more gracefully and precisely tomorrow.

Our studio

Our 2,500 sqft. studio is located at 366A Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94610

We are nestled 1/2 block North of Lake Merritt and conveniently a short walk to the BART.

We have a 1,400sqft pole classroom with nine 45mm poles. We also have an aerial space with 4 points and a separate room for flexibility and gymnastics training.

Oakland Pole and Dance is a clean, airy, bright space with over 30 classes per week between pole tricks, pole choreography, handstands, active flexibility training, aerial silks, straps and lyra. Our instructors are the most medalled in the Bay Area, offering precise technical training for everyone from brand new students to professional, competition level performers.

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